Prior to Canary Beach life, Harold served 20 years in the United States Army and Rosemarie was a registered nurse. One summer, while enjoying a vacation at a Minnesota lake resort, they made a decided to purchase one. They believed it would be a great way to raise their children. Both of them had farming backgrounds in North Dakota and desired a business where their family could work together and children could learn the importance of hard work.

The two have been married for nearly 40 years and have two children and three grandchildren. Their son, John, is serving in the Army and is stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas with his wife, Kerry, and daughter, Cera. Harold and Rosemarie's daughter, Christine, and her husband, Scott, manage the resort with them. The Kraft's have been in the resort business for over 22 years.

Resorting has always been a part of Christine's life; since her parents bought one when she was a third grader! As a child, she enjoyed meeting new friends every week and teaching other children how to have fun without video games or television. She introduced others to crayfish, minnows, water beetles, turtles, bullheads and other water life. She took guest children on fishing adventures, waterskiing/tubing escapades and biking expeditions. There was always something to do! However, there was a lot of work also. Some of Christine's first jobs included: making beds every Saturday, collecting garbage with a lawn mower twice a week, mowing three acres and sneaking candy while working behind the counter of the lodge.

While earning a degree in Early Childhood Development and Education, she knew she still wanted resorting to be a huge part of her life. She continued resort life by working at a larger resort in Breezy Point, Minnesota; teaching water aerobics, making pizzas, cleaning units and running the children's activity program! She did this for three years!

Scott grew up on a farm in central North Dakota and was no stranger to hard work. He spent hours cultivating, harvesting and wheezing! He enjoyed getting the tractors stuck and doing routine maintenance on farm equipment. Daily lawn mowing and varmint control were a huge past time of his summer. His free time was spent exploring the country side with the family dog and building seeming pointless inventions.

Scott met Christine while they were attending college in the Fargo/Moorhead area. He would visit her while she worked in northern Minnesota and thought that resorting was interesting work. While dating, we would visit her every weekend at Canary Beach Resort, where resorting became his new element. The two celebrated their wedding at Canary Beach Resort in 2007 and had the opportunity to invest into the hospitality business. They now have two young girls, Emmarose and Adelynne that are now also able to experience the joys of resort life. To this day, Scott says, resorting is just like farming, except that you can't swear!

Hospitality is in all of us and we want you to have a get-a-way with memories that last a life time. Let us be your hosts for a traditional Minnesota vacation!

Harold, Rosemarie, Christine, Scott, Emmarose and Adelynne








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